The world was full of wonders. Man could touch the sky. With a wave of his hand he could raise mountains from the sea or push them back under it. Then came the darkness. From the darkness came the orcs. The orcs full of rage and hate ripped man down from his crystalline tower and crushed it under foot. They put a harness on his back and made him do there bidding. The wonders of man faded, the sky grew dark and the earth split and fell into the ocean.

It is said that in the last days of man that the land shook, mountains raised from the depths and kingdoms crumbed into the waters. The orcs in the envy, greed, and twisted hungers smashed the towers, cities, monuments, and wonders. They hungered for our flesh to fill there belly and satisfy their carnal appetites.

Two moons circle Oma, Corna is the larger of the two and clearly has water and life. Karna looks to be void of life.

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The Reawakening of Oma Nelolis