Esta is a very large nation its history coated in blood, defended by steel, and supported by magic. This nation is ruled by three emperors under them is a counsel of senators, all laws are crated by this counsel. The many guilds over see and enforce the laws set by the counsel.

Estens do keep slaves mostly they are orcs but some are kobold or human slaves. A lot of the orcish slaves are used a arena fighters. Some orcs are kept to work in the fields and in construction but this is very rare do there mean nature. Kobold and human slaves make up the most part of house slaves. Kobolds can be a fiercely loyal slave if treated well. Some people like to keep kobolds for use in very bloody pit fights.

One of the most beloved events in Esta is the Great Games. In the year twenty after a long campaign Hibysis of the Tri-Counsel returned home. Having captured a very large number of highly aggressive slaves he had a pit dug a wooden wall erected around it where they prisoners were forced to battle mostly to the death. Four years later this event happened as well on his next return trip. It has become a tradition that every four years the Great Games are held over the years many other activates have become part of the tradition.

Capital City: Teiesto

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